About Me

Total nerd baller father husband gamer computer geek

Working for the convergence of software, hardware and wetware.




John Holmes Dean, III




  • Code

  • Coffee

  • Blockchain

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  • Ubuntu

  • C= Amiga

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My resume


Senior Developer 2015 to 2019

Fullstack developer for a browser image editor application the ecommerce checkout flow

Accenture: Mobility Center of Excellence

Senior Developer 2011 to 2013

Worked on internal and customer projects designing and developing mobile and big data applications

Freescale: Development Tools

Software Test Engineer 2003 to 2005

QA lead for the PowerPlant, PowerPlant X and PowerParts C++ Application frameworks. Helped QA desktop, embedded and gaming software development kits and applications


Senior Developer 2019 to 2020

Owned the cloud infrastructure for the back-end services powering retail social VR experiences

Time Warner Cable: Advanced Technology Group

Senior Developer 2013 to 2015

Primary contributor to an HTML based TV navigator product (Live/DVR/VOD/PPV) targeting in-home cable set top boxes

Nokia: Carbide Development Tools

Lead Software Test Engineer 2005 to 2011

Techical lead on a variety of DevOp projects including a comprehensive automated test framework, systems integration tests, unit tests, continious integration systems & reporting

Motorola: Metrowerks Development Tools

Software Test Engineer 2000 to 2003

Developed a Mac OS 9 application for designing and running sequences of automated tests. Helped QA Mac Desktop development tools. Created systems and factory acceptance tests for embedded development boards

Clear Lake High School

High School 1991 to 1995

In the shadow of NASA, raised by a mathematician and a rocket scientist

University of Texas

B.S. in Computer Engineering 1995 to 2000

Since I already knew how to program, I wanted to learn how programs are executed

Milestones Achieved

25,000+Automated test cases written
200+open source contributions
500,000+Lines of Code Written
50+product build systems created
100+technical documents authored
12Kubernetes Clusters Managed

My Services


Turning requirements into functional and tested code. Complete with arcane technical mumbo jumbo.


Transforming and delivering developer spaghetti into a solid product ready for customers.


Understanding and documenting requirements. Presenting solutions. Estimating time and effort.


Visualizing complex systems to creatie pleasing flat lines and gut-wrenching spikes.


Coordination and participating in production support on-call cycles. foo fee fo fum


Software Design

Slinging code since 8 years old (thank you 3-2-1 Contact!). Have written enough code to have acute sense of code smell. Able to re-use and build upon proven software patterns. Passionate about the art of software development


An advocate for giving software development teams (programmers, testers, managers and customers) the tools and processes to be succesfull.

Scrum/Team Lead

Have operated as a team lead in some capacity in every job and every project for the past 8 years. At first I struggled in this role, but through delegation, preserverance and reinforcing habits-- have come to embrace the role.

Writing Unit Tests

An early accolyte of the "Test Driven Development" method. An advocate of using tests for expressing usage, identifying regressions, and making the code safe for refactoring.

Single Page Web Apps

A recent convert to the web as a platform, after years of deriding it for poor performance and capabilities. When you can't beat them, join them. I still struggle getting HTML/CSS to behave, but enjoy writing Javascript and building already well defined HTML.

Server Side Rendered Web Apps

Hybrid React applications that can render server side for optimal performance and caching but also allow client side navigation and rendering


Used containers for deployments going on 7 years. Past 3 years exlcusively with Kubernetes


While I do feel the stress in public speaking, I thouroughly enjoy the challenge of organizing and preparing a thoughtful and moving presentation to express the ideas of others as well as my own.